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Rainbow Stickers
LEA Studio Design

Rainbow Stickers

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rainbow wall stickers

availability dispatched within 1-2 weeks

size (cm) one single rainbow: 7 x 12cm

number of templates with various colour versions: 4


This set is one of our "99" collection sticker sets which will allow you to decorate an entire wall or even an entire room. We gathered the most beautiful colour schemes and the easiest method of attaching them to the wall, so that the parents can create a cartoon all by themselves... and we like cartoons. 

RAINBOW set includes 20 stickers printed in the most beautiful colours. All you need to do is peel them from paper and attach to the wall. 




Technical details:

These stickers have fairly strong glue however in 95% of cases it proved managable to re-attach them - it has to be done very carefully though. 

We like to couple RAINBOW set with CONFETTI set from our BASIC collection.  


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