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Mobbli Baby Gym Contrast Animals
Mobbli Baby Gym Contrast Animals
Mobbli Baby Gym Contrast Animals
Mobbli Baby Gym Contrast Animals
Mobbli Baby Gym Contrast Animals
LEA Studio Design

Mobbli Baby Gym Contrast Animals

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baby gym 

availability: dispatched within 2 weeks

size (cm)

length 45  width 56.5  height 43.5

material: natural beech wood



Baby gym Mobbli comes in a variety of options - you can pick and change pendants so it doesn't stay the same. 

It was inspired by Montessori approach which "emphasises the importance of the environment to meet baby's ability and desire to explore the world around them from birth. Appropriate mobiles and baby gyms play a very significant role as an educational tool for infant's learning to develop their eye focus and concentration. They assist infants in developing concentration, a visual focus at different distances, development of cognitive order and comparisons, size differentiation, detection of changes in light, distance perception, hand-eye coordination, motor control, the distinction of shape and line, distinction of colour".

Lads - this is huge so do get ready for your baby. 

This particular set comes with four contrast animals and it is perfect for the first toy as black is the first colour your baby will see. You can pick another set of pendants to change them around and provide additional stimulus for your baby and assist your baby with learning about the world around them. 

All Mobbli gyms and pendants are hand made and hand painted therefore colour may differ slightly from those on the photos.



The stand itself is not painted but oiled therefore its natural look will be aesthetically pleasing in any interior. This baby gym does not have any electronic elements allowing your baby to explore it at its own pace.

The legs are slightly curved and the baby gym will rock gently during play - it is the only wooden gym in the market with this feature. The pendants can be changed very easily given clever solution used to secure them. 

This baby gym has been designed with baby's ultimate safety in mind making it impossible for the baby to knock it over or pull down the pendants during play. 



technical information

material: stand - natural beech wood, pendants - natural ash wood

finish: stand has been oiled using only natural materials safe for babies, pendants have been oiled and painted using natural materials safe for babies




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