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Baby Gym toy Gunnar Killer Whale
Baby Gym toy Gunnar Killer Whale
Baby Gym toy Gunnar Killer Whale
LEA Studio Design

Baby Gym toy Gunnar Killer Whale

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baby gym toy

availability: dispatched within 2 weeks

size (cm)

length 13cm height 6cm

material natural beech wood

colour navy and green 



Gunnar by nature is a very curious whale and he can be found in the farthest corners of the world. He doesn't like to limit himself to black and white hence his navy blue and green colour. 

Nie lubi się ograniczać tylko do czarnego i białego, co eksponuje przez swoje granatowo – zielone malowanie. You must admit that he is deadly... cute and will definitely tempt curious little hands. 

Just like all the Mobbli toy animals he cares most about the environment and safety of the little ones. All paints and oils used in the production process are 100% natural and meet European standards when it comes to manufacturing process of toys. This product is safe for babies and children. 

Wood used for the production of this toy comes from certified forests (PEFC & FSC certificates).


technical information

material: natural beech & ash wood

finish: hand made and hand painted using only natural materials (oil & paint) safe for babies

string: regulated length with max length 20cm

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