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Is it time to ditch the cot?

LEA Studio

Ready for the big bed?   



We navigate this parenting journey and half the time we wonder whether we are doing the right thing. We ask ourselves lots of questions, talk to other parents, read wise books and it turns out that what works for some might not work for others as our children are all very different and they reach their milestones at a different pace. 


One of these milestones is leaving the safety of a cot bed and the timing of such transition. Many of us (me included) might be guided by certain external factors  and practicalities i.e. the cot is required for number two (!) however it is important to be mindful of what the needs of a child are and whether they are ready and also that they don’t feel that their space and territory is being invaded by a new sibling. 


Generally once a child turns two they are ready to take their first leap into independence and that is fine. It is important for their development. Some parents worry that the child will keep getting out of bed instead of going to sleep as there is nothing to stop them now but it is in fact safer as they might try and climb out anyway risking a fall. There are other benefits of the lack of barriers - if you tend to stay with your child until they fall asleep you probably  know the feeling of hanging off the rails trying to soothe them; not very comfortable experience. With the barriers gone you can just sit with them and hold their hand or comfort them and leave quietly when they have gone asleep. 


The newly acquired freedom is not without risks and it is important to consider certain factors. This free access to their room and the rest of the house will ignite their curiosity at a whole new level. Make sure that you put toys away before starting your bed routine (less distractions and less hazards) and I do believe that the less toys in the kids’ bedroom the easier bed routine gets. Keep it airy and clutter free and your child will go down for their sleep more easily. Make sure that there are no obstacles on the way in case your child got out of bed at night and at the same time make sure you have a way of knowing when he / she does get out. I probably wouldn’t go as far as installing bells at the door but if you are a deep sleeper and parenthood didn’t knock that out of you it might be a good idea. You don’t want them to walk down to the kitchen and start searching for treats for their midnight snack. 


All the changes should be implemented gradually for example don’t try to get rid of the soother at the same time. We don’t want your little one to associate the change with something worse off. They need encouragement instead i.e. cosy bedding with interesting print, cuddly toy that they adore or new stickers on the wall. 

The transition will be easier if you stick to your regular bed routine i.e. night time stories or talking about plans for the next day. I have heard about parents promising treats if the child spends the night in their own bed but I will leave this one to your own judgement! They are certainly too young to grasp this idea at a younger age but if they continue coming in at the age of 4 or 5 a little treat promise can’t do any harm.  

Now THE BED. We at LEA Studio believe it should be age appropriate. You can choose a full size single or even a double or a bunk but remember that your child is most likely just about 2 and they might be a bit overwhelmed by such transition. Another factor is the bed height which should be fairly low off the ground. It will promote independence as your child will get in and out of the bed with ease instead of trying to navigate a bed guard and risk a fall. We have a thing about practicality but also care about aesthetics and most bed guards, let’s face it, aren’t pretty. With a bed with mattress positioned low off the ground you can be sure that even if they roll off the bed at night no harm will come to them. Soft blanket on the floor for the first while will add extra protection but bed guard won’t be needed.

Let your child be a child and have fun with their new bed. The options we have available at LEA Studio are fun and it will make the transition super exciting. House beds have been popular for quite some time but kids love them and they will give your kids’ room this Scandinavian feel. You can have so much fun with them and style them every way possible. They can be boyish, they can be girly, they can be anything you want them to be and I never tire at client’s ideas and how they made the bed fit their personalities and space available (beds are made to order in a large variety of sizes). The height of the bed will depend entirely on the height of the mattress you choose so super safe option but the bed also comes in a form of a bunk so it is an option for those looking to create this extra sleeping space for siblings or sleepovers. 

Kutikai beds are our favourite by far. The craftsmanship is outstanding and like the rest of this range they are a joy to have in your home. Our kids have a few Kutikai pieces in their bedrooms / playroom and every time I get a glance of them it makes me smile - I know don’t judge me I just love my interiors! Kutikai is a brand with a heart, born out of passion for design, quality and natural materials. All these qualities shine through each piece that leaves the factory. Each piece has been designed with utmost attention to detail and all the things we spoke about when it comes to the child’s safety and needs have been taken into account. Kutikai toddler beds are a great choice to make that transition from the cot to a bigger bed the best experience for a parent and a child. 






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